The Network Nation: Human Communication via Computer, Revised

  Starr Roxanne Hiltz
  Murray Turoff

  ISBN 0-262-58120-5  1993  paper  $24.95

                   ** Review **

  "The Network Nation... contained a fascinating vision. In it home
  computers are as common as the telephone. They link person to
  person, shrinking, as the authors put it, `time and distance
  barriers among people, and between people and information, to near
  zero.' In its simplest form, the Network Nation is a place where
  thoughts are exchanged easily and democratically and intellect
  affords one more personal power than a pleasing appearance does.
  Minorities and women compete on equal terms with white males, and
  the elderly and handicapped are released from the confines of
  their infirmities to skim the electronic terrain as swiftly as
  anyone else."--Teresa Carpenter, Village Voice

                   ** Description **

  A visionary book when it was first published in the late 1970s,
  The Network Nation has become the defining document and standard
  reference for the field of computer mediated communication (CMC).
  This revised edition adds a substantial new chapter on
  ``superconnectivity'' (invented and defined in the unabridged
  edition of the Online Dictionary of the English Language, 2067)
  that reviews the developments of the last fifteen years and
  updates the authors' speculations about the future.

  Hiltz and Turoff highlight major current organizational,
  educational, and public applications of CMC, integrate their
  theoretical understanding of the impact of CMC technology, address
  ethical and legal issues, and describe a scenario in 2084. They
  have also added a selected bibliography on the key literature.

                   ** Author Biography **

  Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Murray Turoff each hold the position of
  Professor of Computer and Information Sciences at the New Jersey
  Institute of Technology. They are also members of the faculty of
  the Graduate School of Business at Rutgers University, Newark.


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  The Network Nation: Human Communication via Computer, Revised

  Starr Roxanne Hiltz
  Murray Turoff

  ISBN 0-262-58120-5  1993  paper  $24.95


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